Community And Environment

We are a company with great commitment to the environment, as part of our processes we conducted a detailed monitoring of the operating area in order to assess the biodiversity of the area, and the characteristics of the flora and fauna of the environment.

We carry out rescue and reforestation activities, identifying, collecting and relocating protected species according to environmental regulations existing, in order to restore the ecosystem, and as part of our activities we have a greenhouse for healing and propagation of the species.

Similarly, we performed periodically reforestation in areas where we operate.

Also we seek to benefit the communities near our facilities, providing resources that help families like the Ejido The Sacrifice where water pipes are shipped 20,000 liters for use of its inhabitants.

We support it with various articles in kind to the families of the Ejido La Joya and Santa Teresa, on special occasions like Mother's Day, Children's Day and Christmas, where the company and employees contribute gifts to its inhabitants.