51 years at the service of the industry and construction

In DOMOSA we produce and market products such as limestone, sand and gravel in different grain sizes. Likewise we offer products such as bits and gravels.

Our products are nationally recognized for high standards of quality and production capacity at the national level for the needs of the market and our customers.

We operate in compliance with State and Federal environmental regulations and permissions for environmental Impact, change of use of ground Forestry, Internal Civil Protection Unit, PROFEPA and SEMARNAT.

We have presence in different markets such as Steel, Cal, construction and services in general and we affirm our commitment to the proper use and application in the markets.

In addition to the products we offer our customers quality controls physical (particle sizes), certified chemical analysis where we analyze the main factors controlling our customers, for example: silicon, magnesium, etc. Laboratory services and control of raw material. We also sell these customized products for specific clients.

We serve the needs of our customers by offering a comprehensive service ensuring timely delivery of our products to their final destination.